Wednesday, October 26, 2011

9/11 : Rare Footage - Man Screams For help !

Rare Footage From 9/11 Showing Man Screaming for Help From WTC Building 7

(September 11th,2011) - I have never seen this before as far as i remember,source claims it was released this year but i cannot verify this,i can tell you i've seen alot of 9/11 footage,this i haven't seen before,if you have i apologize but it's new to me.

Cars on fire at beginning,with firefighter response.

Man yelling from a window at WTC building 7 at (1:00).

Whirl wind at (1:18)

Massive fire at (1:30)

Same man better view in building 7 yelling for help from 8th floor w/ authorities assuring him he would be rescued (1:51)

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(My 100th Feature) Cheers liveleakers and my respects to those that lost their lives on 9/11- RIP

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Imperial Massacres by Alexander Cockburn

Denied post mortem imagery of Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki, the world now has at its disposal photographs of Muammar Qaddafi, dispatched with a bullet  to the head after being wounded by NATO’s ground troops outside Sirte. Did the terminal command, Finish Him Off, come via cell phone from the US State Department whose Secretary, Hillary Clinton,  had earlier called for his death, or by dint of local initiative?  At all events, since Qaddafi was a prisoner at the time of his execution, it was a war crime and I trust that  in the years of her retirement Mrs Clinton will be detained amid some foreign vacation and handed a subpoena.

My friend and neighbor in Petrolia,  Joe Paff, wrote a response to a dreadful story about Qaddafi’s killing on Yahoo’s site, commenting "This kind of gloating is bound to come back and bite your butt. Imagine how many people in the world would like to see Netanyahu or Obama dragged from their hiding holes and tortured.  It will take about six months for everyone to regret the 'new’ Libyan 'democrats.’"

Yahoo’s initial electronic response was to write to Joe,  "Oops! Try again". So he checked "post" a second time. Yahoo then rewrote his comment, complete with misspellings, stripped of any  mention of Netanyahu or Obama, and "posted" it, as "This is the kind of gloating that comes back and bites you on the butt. Just imagine how many peopel in the world would like to see Americans dragged through the streets and tortured to death." As Joe wrote me, "Just another small episode in artificial intelligence and the present taboos." more

Monday, October 24, 2011

#SYRIA : Next On The Hit List ?

With the destruction of Libya winding down, the Western imperialist machine is looking for the next target for destabilization and exploitation.

If John McCain, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, is any indication, it is likely the case that Syria is on the top of the list.

I have speculated about Syria being the next target for foreign military intervention under the guise of humanitarianism for several months now, dating back to early April.

The evidence for this position has only grown since then and the public statements from McCain at a meeting of the World Economic Forum in Jordan made it that much more concrete.

“Now that military operations in Libya are ending, there will be renewed focus on what practical military operations might be considered to protect civilian lives in Syria,” said McCain at the World Economic Forum meeting.

Friday, October 14, 2011

9/11 : The Most Controversial Image And It's Meaning..

Thomas Hoepker's photo of New Yorkers apparently relaxing as the twin towers smoulder says much about history and memory
Thomas Hoepker chose not to publish this photograph in a book about 9/11. Photograph: Thomas Hoepker/Magnum
In the photograph Thomas Hoepker took on 11 September 2001, a group of New Yorkers sit chatting in the sun in a park in Brooklyn. Behind them, across brilliant blue water, in an azure sky, a terrible cloud of smoke and dust rises above lower Manhattan from the place where two towers were struck by hijacked airliners this same morning and have collapsed, killing, by fire, smoke, falling or jumping or crushing and tearing and fragmentation in the buildings' final fall, nearly 3,000 people.

Ten years on, this is becoming one of the iconic photographs of 9/11, yet its history is strange and tortuous. Hoepker, a senior figure in the renowned Magnum photographers' co-operative, chose not to publish it in 2001 and to exclude it from a book of Magnum pictures of that horribly unequalled day. Only in 2006, on the fifth anniversary of the attacks, did it appear in a book, and then it caused instant controversy. The critic and columnist Frank Rich wrote about it in the New York Times. He saw in this undeniably troubling picture an allegory of America's failure to learn any deep lessons from that tragic day, to change or reform as a nation: "young people in Mr Hoepker's photo aren't necessarily callous. They're just American." more

#IRAN: #US #Fabricated #Terror #Plot !

The “very scary” Iranian Terror plot
USA "have" to have an enemy,even if you make it all up.That is scary.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

#IRAN : Insanity Of #Obama - US Gives Israel Green Light For Iran Strike

#IRAN: #Obama Bin Lying RISKS Third World War For Votes.

Lee Myung-bak, Barack Obama
Barack Obama, at a news conference with South Korean president Lee Myung-bak, said the US would not take any options off the table in dealing with Iran. Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP
The United States will apply the "toughest sanctions" to further isolate Iran over the alleged plan to murder the Saudi ambassador to Washington, Barack Obama said on Thursday, despite growing scepticism over the amateurish nature of the plot and the apparently shambolic nature of the main suspect.

Obama repeated the US line that he would not take any options off the table in dealing with Iran, which is diplomatic code for the possibility of military action. Iran has vehemently denied any involvement in the plot.

US authorities said on Tuesday they had evidence of a plot by two men linked to Iran's revolutionary guard to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir, by setting off a bomb in a Washington restaurant.

In addition to prosecutions, Obama said he would continue "to apply the toughest sanctions, and continue to mobilise the international community to make sure Iran is further and further isolated and pays a price for this kind of behaviour."

He said: "We don't take any options off the table in terms of how we operate with Iran. But we will continue to apply the sort of pressure that will have a direct impact on the Iranian government until it makes a better choice in how it interacts with the rest of the international community," he said at a news conference with South Korean president Lee Myung-bak.

The president's comments came as two congressional committees held hearings on Iran on Thursday. In testimony to the Senate Banking committee, David Cohen, the US Treasury's under-secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, told the committee that the administration was considering sanctions against Iran's central bank.

Cohen described the alleged plot as a "dramatic reminder that the urgent and serious threat we face from Iran is not limited to Iran's nuclear ambitions".

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chair of the House Foreign Affairs committee, said the assassination plot "illustrates Iran's active campaign" to partner with extremists groups and drug traffickers.

But as more details have emerged, there has been growing scepticism over the true nature of the threat, not least because the main suspect has been revealed to be a car salesman, nicknamed "Scarface", with a string of failed businesses behind more

#Russia #Litvinenko : Coroner Orders New Litvinenko Inquiries

#Iran :Mounting Questions on Iran Terror Plot -

#Watergate : #Nixon Watergate testimony set for release

#FBI sued for #Fraud by Spanish MP!

#IRAN #Obama Bin Lying and his desperation to get votes !