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#Iran : Trial Starts In Iran's Biggest Banking Scandal !

Thirty-two people suspected of involvement in a multi-billion dollar banking fraud with alleged links to the government of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have gone on trial in Tehran, the Iranian state news agency reported.

The record embezzlement case revolves around forged documents allegedly used by the directors of the Amir Mansour Arya Investment Company to secure loans totalling 2.6 billion dollars to buy state-owned companies under the government's privatisation scheme.

Seven banks have been implicated in the scandal which began in 2007 but only came to light last September.

The defendants and their lawyers appeared Saturday at one of Tehran's revolutionary courts, which was open to the press, IRNA reported.

"The activities of the Amir Mansour development company is an example of an organised gang that has undermined the economic security of the society," said Tehran prosecutor general, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, reading out the 200-page indictment.

The main defendant was named by the Iranian Student News Agency as Mah Afarin Amir Khosravi who faces the charge of "corruption on earth," that carries the death penalty.

"The Khosravis had modest life styles but a few years ago they decided to get loans," the Iranian Student News agency quoted Dolatabadi as saying. "In order to speed up the process, they established relations with some executive and political people and started giving bribes."

Ahmadinejad has rejected accusations from his hardline rivals that Khosravi had links to the head of his presidential office, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie.

The prosecution alleges the gang undermined the economic security of society through paying large bribes to bank and government officials to secure illicit loans and wealth.

The names of other defendants were not published but during proceedings Dolatabadi indicated that Khosravi's four sons were central to the fraud.

Accusations have also been levelled against Mahmoud Reza Khavari, the former head of Bank Melli, who fled to Canada after the fraud was uncovered.

The trial is likely to compound the power struggle between Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, which emerged in public last year.

After a spat over the sacking of the intelligence minister, conservatives loyal to Khamenei launched a sustained campaign to intimidate the president by arresting close advisers and accusing him of challenging the Supreme Leader's authority.

They accuse Rahim Mashaie of spreading a "deviant current" in the presidency by trying to dilute the Islamic character of Iran and undermine the role of the clergy.

The trial could further damage Ahmadinejad's standing among the Iranian public in the runup to parliamentary elections being contested by the rival hardline factions of the two leaders.

Khamenei supporters hope to capitalise on widespread discontent over Ahmadinejad's handling of the economy to defeat his allies.

According to its website, the Amir Mansour Investment Company owns 20 companies across Iran, ranging from steel to food production, employing 20,000 staff.

The government took possession of the company's assets, worth more than $4 billion, in September.

(Reporting by Hashem Kalantari and Marcus George in Dubai)


Monday, February 27, 2012

#Iran : #Israel STOP Your Threats And Sabre - Rattling - If You Are Going To Do It Just Do It !

Israeli Air Force F-16 An Israeli attack would have to cope with a variety of problems
For all the myriad challenges facing Israel over the past decade it is the potential threat from a nuclear-armed Iran that has pre-occupied the country's military planners.
It is this that in large part has guided the development of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) over recent years.

The IAF has purchased 125 advanced F-15I and F-16I warplanes, equipped with Israeli avionics and additional fuel tanks - tailor-made for long-range strike missions.

In addition, Israel has bought specialised bunker-busting munitions; developed large, long-endurance, unmanned aircraft; and much of its training has focused on long-range missions.
Israel has a track-record of pre-emptive strikes against nuclear targets in the region.

Remains of the Osirak nuclear site outside Baghdad (2002) Israel has a track-record of pre-emptive strikes against nuclear targets
In June 1981, Israeli jets bombed the Osirak reactor near the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

More recently, in September 2007, Israeli warplanes attacked a facility in Syria that Israel, the US and many experts believed was a nuclear reactor under construction.

However, a potential strike against Iran would be nothing like the attacks in Iraq and Syria. These were both against single targets, located above ground, and came literally out of the blue.

An Israeli attempt to severely damage Iran's nuclear programme would have to cope with a variety of problems, including range, the multiplicity of targets, and the nature of those targets.

Many of these problems are daunting in themselves, but when put together, they only compound the difficulties facing Israeli military planners.

How to get there?

For a start it is a very long way from Israel to Iran. As a rough estimate many of the potential targets are some 1,500km (930 miles) to 1,800km (1,120 miles) from Israeli bases. Israeli warplanes have to get to Iran and, equally important, get back.

At least three routes are possible.
  • There is the northern one where Israeli jets would fly north and then east along the borders between Turkey and Syria, and then Turkey and Iraq
  • The central, more likely route would take Israeli warplanes over Iraq. With the US military gone, the Iraqi authorities are far less able to monitor and control their air space, effectively opening a door to an Israeli incursion
  • The third, southern route would take Israeli jets over Saudi air space. Would the Saudis turn a blind eye to such a move given their own concerns about Iran's nuclear programme? Could this route be used by Israeli aircraft on the return leg of their journey? We just do not know...read more


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#Iran : Sean Ali Stone - The West Are Lying About Iran Nuclear Threat

#Iran: #Pentagon Seeks New Superbomb To Wipe Out Iran

Having considered the toughness of the rock-hidden Iranian nuclear facilities, America’s Nutcracker military command has decided to save jaw and develop a new conventional superbomb, since the US still plans to do the job in Iran without nukes.

­Washington has once again reminded Tehran that it has the military capability to crack Iranian hard-target nuclear sites with conventional weapons, leaking to the Wall Street Journal plans to develop an even more effective bunker-buster bomb.

The American military is no longer in love with the most powerful non-nuclear weapon it possesses, the Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP), a 13,600-kilogram mammoth capable of penetrating deep underground facilities.

The Pentagon paid around $330 million to Boeing to develop and produce 20 MOP bombs, specially developed to destroy bunkers in countries like Iran and North Korea.

Now, the Defense Department intends to spend another $82 million, to make those bombs even more effective.

An MOP is capable of penetrating 60 meters of reinforced concrete or 38 meters of hard rock, delivering 2,700 kg of explosives deep down, to reliably demolish anything manmade. Yet, in the case of Iran’s Persian mountains, even this doesn’t seem enough.

In hiding its nuclear work, Tehran clearly considered the experience of Saddam Hussein and Bashar Assad, who lost their research nuclear reactors in 1981 and 2007 respectively.

Iranians really had to turn into fairytale dwarves, digging deep into the mountains but with a very un-fairytale intention: not to find something precious, but to safely hide their nuclear program.

In our times, when bombing a sovereign state into Stone Age is an easy walk, as we see from Libya’s example, such a precautionary measure does not appear superfluous.

But this is exactly what makes American generals nervous – they need 100% guarantees that the targets they cannot destroy do not exist, particularly in Iran.

For example, military experts are not sure an MOP can get to Iran's Fordo enrichment plant facility that has 60 meters of hard rock mountain above it.

At the moment, only a tactical nuclear weapon of several dozen kilotons could guarantee the site’s elimination.

"Once things go into the mountain, then really you have to have something that takes the mountain off," an unnamed US military official is reported to have said.

But no, using nukes would set a precedent for all the other proud owners of atomic arms worldwide. Countries like China, North Korea and – God forbid – Russia would get a free hand to blindside America with nukes at the breath of suspicion.

The last time the US used nuclear weapons against a civilian population was in Japan in 1945, and that fact is still well-remembered, and not just in Japan.

That is why today, the American military lays its hopes on conventional explosives with expanded capabilities, putting tactical nukes by for a rainy day.

And just in case you were wondering, none of the abovementioned has anything to do with Israel. Though Tel-Aviv has never tried out its almost proven nuclear arsenal on anybody, they rather like saber-rattling, saying they would protect the Jewish state at any cost – and preemptively.

Their fingers are apparently itching on the trigger switch, in forgetfulness that the country starting a war is not necessarily the one that finishes it...read more


#Iran : #ChrisTappin - American Extradition Goes Ahead As Cameron - America's Poodle Refuses To Help 66 Year Old

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#Iran:Cradle of Civilization, Ground Zero for Annihilation?.

In case you haven't already started shopping for a bunker, tensions between Iran and the rest of the world, particularly Israel, might make you want to start digging. Like two crusty, Soviet-era cold warriors, the Middle East powers appear to be staring one another onto a military collision course, each side unwilling—or incapable—of blinking.

Iran presumes Israel's Mossad is behind the suspicious deaths and outright assassinations of Tehran's brightest nuclear scientists. Israel points the finger at Iran for a spate of recent bomb attacks on Israeli diplomats in India, Georgia and Bangkok.

After being cautioned by Russia and the U.S. not to instigate an attack in the region, Israel's foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman bristled in an interview Wednesday, saying it "is not their business.... The security of the citizens of Israel, the future of the state of Israel, this is the Israeli government's responsibility."

No one's banging the war drum louder than Republican presidential hopefuls. Ignoring the obvious parallels to the Iraq conflict, every GOP candidate except Ron Paul has been jockeying to outdo each other to put the brakes on Iran. The Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan, while live-blogging Wednesday night's GOP debate, wrote: "We're hearing the kind of language we heard after 9/11. Exactly the same language; exactly the same arguments; exactly the same paranoia."....read more


#Syria : Murdoch Happy To Assist The West In Wiping Out The Muslim Race

Thursday, February 23, 2012

#Syria : Blogs Of War Updates

War Monger #Obama's #CIA Slaughter Children - Lawsuit Pending

President Barack Obama condoned America’s drone program last month, dismissing allegations that it's caused more harm than good. In Pakistan, the families of civilians killed in these strikes are pleading with the UN to tell America otherwise.

Reprieve, a legal action charity based out of London, UK, has delivered a complaint to the United Nations on behalf of the families of slain Pakistani civilians. More than a dozen families in Pakistan have appealed to Reprieve for assistance after their own pleas for the abandonment of drone use in their country have been ignored by the US. Now with the aid of the British-based organization, they hope that the UN will intervene and put an end to American drone attacks.

Drone strikes have taken the lives of as many as 775 civilians so far, the authors of a Bureau of Investigative Journalism warned in a report made last year. American officials insist, however, that the strikes are necessary to continue fighting the War on Terror...read more


#Syria : Free Syrian Army are committing abuses, including killings and abductions

The commission said rebel forces led by the Free Syrian Army also had committed abuses, including killings and abductions

#Syria : Marie Colvin -they all know the WHO, but in fact the press can't even answer the HOW.


Marie Colvin: The press is full of certainty as to who did this, but the truth clearly is they do not even know the HOW never mind the WHO.
It may have been government troops: It might seem likely, but at this point the MSM's certainly is mere speculation, because the truth is they can't even agree even about how she was killed.

Its a simple question: was she killed by rocket fire, artillery fire, or mortar fire?

Every apparently all-knowing newspaper in the MSM tells a different tale:

"The 55-year-old Sunday Times reporter was killed alongside French photographer Remi Ochlik, 28, in a rocket attack on the besieged city of Homs this morning."

"The veteran Sunday Times correspondent Marie Colvin and the French photographer Remi Ochlik have been killed in the Syrian city of Homs after an artillery shell hit the house in which they were staying."

"Journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik were killed in a mortar strike in Homs, Syria, on Wednesday morning..."

Now, just in case a mortar strike sounds as likely to come from the Opposition fighters as from Government troops, reassurance is required that the governments mortars the real danger: in fact, we require assurances that they are indeed superbad mortars: unlike those of the opposition, which are perhaps too puny to kill western Journalists.

Thus the Washington Post quotes Peter N. Bouckaert of Human Rights Watch:

"Based on videos shot in Homs showing remnants of mortars, Bouckaert said he thought the army was using Russian-made weapons systems that fire the world’s largest mortar round — at 250 pounds.

“It is specially designed by the Russians to take down a heavily fortified military position,” Bouckaert said. “It’s very disturbing to see heavy military weapons being deployed against a civilian populated area.”

So now you know...emmm, what? nothing really: just like all the MSM, and just like Monbiot.

Wish I could pluck such righteous hot air from such thin air... I could be a MSM Journalist then.

#Syria : The Truth Through Media Lies


The situation in the city of Homs is improving, but unfortunately slowly. The law enforcement forces refrain from starting a large-scale operation in order to avoid any civilian casualties, however that results many deaths among the law enforcement personnel. Some quarters in the city have been almost cleaned and the life is returning to normal, not that quick but definitely better than the previo...us situation.

The terrorist acts escalated in the city after the Arab league team started its mission in Syria. The goal of that team was basically to seize the hands of the Syrian security and to give a cover and protection for the terrorist groups. However some of the AL team members didn't accept to be messengers of destruction in Syria, and the final report was not as the gulf monarchies and their masters in the west desired.

A few quarters in the city are still living under the mercy of terrorism, where the terrorists are practicing their Wahhabi beliefs making use of the conservative community to get shelter and support.

Homs needs a swift and firm action. The Syrian army must get involved and purge the city of terrorists once and for all....read more

#Syria #Homs :Journalist Marie Colvin in Homs - Her Final report

Free #Syria Army has adapted to guerrilla warfare and sectarian brinkmanship

They talk of torture BUT it is nothing compared to the American torture poured onto the innocent Iraqi men, woman and children.  American propaganda and the 'Free Syrian Army' 'paid for with American dollars used to inflame the public and make them think of wild animals and massacres when it is the Americans who are the wild dogs of war.

Wiklileaks leaked document demonstrates American had it in for Syria back in 2006. A couple of dead journalists may be all they need to now smash another country because they refuse to bow to  Satan America ....A Nazi regime intent on ethnic cleansing every muslim from the planet for it's master 's the Zionists


WADI KHALED, Lebanon: In a small cold house a few hundred meters south of the border with Syria, Khaled, a young fighter with the Free Syrian Army, patiently sits, cellphone in hand, waiting for a call.
When his phone finally rings it will signal his immediate departure from the relative comfort of his safe house, across a border laced with land mines and patrolled by Syrian troops, to the dangers and rigors of combat in the area around Tal Kalakh, 2 kilometers inside Syria.
“I am just waiting for the call and then I will leave immediately. I can’t wait to get back into action again,” said the serious-looking 25-year-old with slicked back dark hair and a thin trace of a beard.
Khaled, a sniper in the Tal Kalakh Martyrs’ Brigade, has been recuperating in Lebanon for two months from injuries received last year when he was beaten and tortured while in prison.
His experiences over the past year are typical of thousands of other young predominantly Sunni army conscripts who have balked at the regime’s harsh crackdown against opposition protesters and deserted to join the FSA.
Khaled wore a red tracksuit top and gray pants and sat cross-legged beside a small gas heater that crackled as it struggled to defeat the damp chill in the sparsely furnished room. A pile of foam mattresses and blankets were stacked in one corner. Several other young Syrian men, two of them Khaled’s comrades in the Tal Kalakh Martyrs’ Brigade, were seated on mats against the wall. Their heads flicked between Khaled as he recounted his story and the small television in the corner which was broadcasting images of anti-regime protests carried by the Al-Ghad channel, a newly launched station for the Syrian opposition.
Khaled previously served with an air defense regiment and was deployed near Damascus. He was on leave in Tal Kalakh in March just as the anti-regime protests began to spread and joined the initial demonstrations in his town.
“Although I was a soldier, the killings [of protesters] were too much for me,” he said.
Upon his return to his unit, Khaled was arrested and placed in solitary confinement. He says he was severely beaten and tortured with electrodes placed either side of his neck. When he fell unconscious, his interrogators would revive him by throwing buckets of cold water over him.
“During interrogations, they would suspend me by my wrists from the ceiling so that my toes were barely touching the ground. They would keep me in that position for hours,” Khaled said.

Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Politics/2012/Feb-23/164311-fsa-soldier-in-lebanon-discloses-tactics.ashx#ixzz1nD6VAxAt
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)


#Syria Ironically the death of 2 journalists gets more reaction from the West than 7,400 Syrians killed:

Ironically, the death of 2 Western journlists in Homs yesterday may do more to stimulate the West’s reaction to Assad than the death of an estimated 7,400 Syrians.
On hearing of the death of Marie Colvin, an American born journalist who worked for the UK’s Sunday Times, and French photographer Remi Ochlik, President Sarkozy of France said, “That’s enough now. This regime must go”.
Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik - RIP - bbc.co.uk
In the United States, Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have both come out in favour of arming the Syrian Opposition via strategic allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The US Government, which until now has been against supporting the Opposition militarily, has said that it is now “considering other options”.  An international “Friends of Syria” meeting takes place in Tunisia tomorrow, Friday...read more

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#Pakistan international Danish Kaneria named in court as Mervyn Westfield's alleged corrupter

More to follow....

#Homs :Evidence exists of al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army terrorising civilians in Homs. The West ignores this.

#Syria :Video - #Russia Votes Down Syria regime Change

The majority of the UN General Assembly has adopted a non-binding resolution, that piles more pressure on the Syrian President to step down. Russia was among those who voted against the motion. Moscow maintains the conflict should be solved through a gradual political transition, led by the Syrian people.

RT on Twitter
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#Iran : TWAZZUP Follow Live Tweets

#Tehran: #Zionist's Run Out Of Excuses -Tehran reactor loaded with domestically produced fuel

#IRAN : #SWIFT - US ‘expels’ Iranian banks from SWIFT

Posted by the medialens editors. Note the illegality of the US action.
US ‘expels’ Iranian banks from SWIFT
Posted by The Editors on February 16, 2012, 2:20 pm
From: DP
Sent: 16 February 2012 02:12
To: Media Lens Editor
Subject: US ‘expels’ Iranian banks from SWIFT
There has been a development in the Iran saga the significance of
which appears to have eluded the British press.

Barack Obama is trying to expel Iran from the Society for Worldwide Interbank
Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), a place I used to work.

SWIFT handle any bank transfer over £25 which is more than half the money
that passes hands globally each day, many trillions of dollars.
This is a near total financial blockade on Iran and on all Iranians.

This has never been done before.

Not only does it bypass the UNSC, it isn’t legal – US banks are individual members of SWIFT, and the US government has no jurisdiction over a European based independent

They have done it by threatening to arrest the SWIFT directors unless they comply.

This could also destroy the business of SWIFT which is built solely on it’s reputation as a neutral and trustworthy third party, and lead the Chinese to set up an alternative
money transfer system.

#Brazil : Journalist's Shot Dead

A Brazilian journalist was shot to death on Sunday (12 February) in what police believe was a contract killing.

Paulo Roberto Cardoso Rodrigues, known as Paulo Rocaro, was the second journalist to die in Brazil within a week.

Rocaro was the editor of a daily paper, Jornal da Praça, in Ponta Porã in the Paraguayan border state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

He also ran a news website and worked as a correspondent for two statewide newspapers, Correio do Estado and O Progresso de Dourados. He was known for writing about corruption
He was driving home when he was shot five times by two gunmen on a motorcycle.

His killing came three days after the murder of Mario Randolfo Marques Lopes who was murdered along with his girlfriend in the city of Barra do Piraí in Rio de Janeiro state.

Source: IPI


#Iran #ZIONISTS Have They Thought ' What If Iran Already Has 'The Bomb'?

A majority of Americans support a military strike to stop or slow Iran’s nuclear weapons program. But that assumes Iran doesn’t already have some.

What if Iran already has one or more nuclear weapons and the capability to make a nuclear strike on the United States - right now? If true, this would change the calculation for the American people. Then the risks of a U.S. or Israeli military attack on Iran’s nuclear program would change radically.

The truth is, no one knows for sure just how far advanced Iran’s nuclear weapons program is. There are sound reasons for doubting Washington’s official estimates that Iran does not yet have the bomb or the ability to make a nuclear strike on the United States.

The U.S. Manhattan Project during World War II, working with 1940s-era technology to develop nuclear weapons that were then merely a theoretical possibility, succeeded in building two working atomic bombs of radically different designs - injustthreeyears. Iran supposedly has been struggling to develop nuclear weapons for 20 years, with help from nuclear-armed Russia, China and North Korea.

Iran does not have to give the world a warning by testing a nuclear weapon to have confidence it will work. The United States didn’t. While the U.S. did test a complicated plutonium bomb, the atomic bomb used to destroy Hiroshima was powered by a simpler, but untested, uranium-235 design that actually was built first....read more


#Argentine #Cuba : #CIA - A new book ties the CIA under the Johnson administration to Che Guevara’s death.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#Obama And The Crazy #Mormons ARE They BOTH Running The Country ?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints confirmed Tuesday afternoon that someone improperly, posthumously baptized the late mother of President Obama into the Mormon faith.
Last June 4 -- the day after then-Sen. Obama secured enough delegates to win the Democratic presidential nominee -- someone had the president's mother Stanley Ann Dunham, who died in 1995 of cancer, baptized.
On June 11, she received the endowment...read more


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#Syria : Invasion By British And Qatari Troops - In Violation Of International Law

The Free Syrian Army is composed by the same thugs that killed Gadaffi and accomplished nothing. Open your eyes. Do not believe biased media propaganda.

According to Debka, the Israeli intelligence news media, both British and Qatari Special forces have been dispatched to Syria.

According to the report, the special forces units --operating in tandem with rebel forces in Homs-- "are not engaged in direct combat" against Syrian government forces. They are described by Debka as "tactical advisers", involved in supporting rebel communications systems as well organizing the supply and delivery of weapons, ammunition, mostly from Turkey. The dispatch of  foreign "fighters" was also mentioned in the report.
DEBKAfile, First Foreign Troops in Syria, February 8, 2012

Debka also reports that "two foreign contingencies have set up four centers of operation - in the northern Homs district of Khaldiya, Bab Amro in the east, and Bab Derib and Rastan in the north. ... " (Ibid)
"The presence of the British and Qatari troops was seized on by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan for the new plan he unveiled to parliament in Ankara Tuesday, Feb. 7. Treating the British-Qatari contingents as the first foreign foot wedged through the Syrian door, his plan hinges on consigning a new Turkish-Arab force to Homs through that door and under the protection of those contingents. Later, they would go to additional flashpoint cities.
The British-Qatari troop presence in Homs was at the center of Assad's talks in Damascus Tuesday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian SVR intelligence chief Mikhail Fradkov. Senior Syrian intelligence officers laid their updates from the field before the Russian visitors and received SVR data and evaluations in return." (Ibid) 
The presence of foreign troops on the ground inside Syria is in violation of International Law.

Support to armed groups --integrated by mercenaries and funded by foreign powers-- constitutes a violation of Syria's sovereignty as a nation state.

There is ample evidence that this armed insurgency is directly supported by the US and NATO. There is also evidence that these armed groups are responsible for killing civilians and carrying out terrorist acts.

Michel Chossudovsky contributed to this report


Saturday, February 11, 2012

#Iraq #Wuterich : Video - Iraq Is Angry With American Mass Murderer Wuterich Plea Bargain !

#Obama's Grandfather Was Detained In UK Colonial Abuse.

President Barack Obama's grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, was one of thousands of Kenyans detained. Obama's grandfather died in 1979.

#Russia #CIA :Russia TV`s:Space Engineer Lt. Col. Vladimir Nesterets Sold Copied CD to CIA Jailed for 13 Years

Russia Spies Internet & Computers & Videoshttp://www.4law.co.il/ukspy2.htm
Военным судом вынесен приговор
10 февраля 2012 года 3-им военным судом вынесен приговор старшему инженеру испытателю космодрома «Плесецк» подполковнику Нестерцу Владимиру Васильевичу.
В ходе судебных заеданий Нестерец В.В. признал себя виновным в передаче за денежное вознаграждение представителям ЦРУ США сведений об испытаниях новейших российских стратегических боевых ракетных комплексов, составляющих государственную тайну.
За совершение преступления, предусмотренного ст. 275 УК Российской Федерации («Государственная измена»), Нестерец В.В. приговорен к 13 годам лишения свободы с отбыванием наказания в колонии строгого режима, лишению воинского звания «подполковник».

#America So Proud Of #Wuterich Baby Killer That They let Him Walk !

They ranged from little babies to adult males and females.

I'll never be able to get that out of my head. I can still smell the blood.

This left something in my head and heart.

-Lance Cpl. Roel Ryan Briones

Last week, Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich was sentenced to a reduction in rank but no jail time for leading his squad in a rampage known as "the Haditha Massacre." Wuterich, who was charged with nine counts of manslaughter, pled guilty to dereliction of duty. Six other Marines have had their charges dismissed and another was acquitted for his part in the massacre.


Iraq bloody head

Friday, February 10, 2012

#Israel And U.S. Terror Squads !

#IRAN: Follow The Money - It's All About PetroDollars

by Allen L Roland

As Obama refuses to acknowledge that Obamanomics is rapidly sinking ~ a closer look at the Iran crisis reveals, if you follow the money, that the real issue is petrodollars in that Iran is dumping the dollar in its trade with Russia as it has already done with China and Japan. As such, Regime Change is now the goal of the Obama administration as it was in 2000 when Iraq’s late Saddam Hussein abandoned the petrodollar and recently when Libya’s late Muammar Gaddafi proposed a gold dinar as currency for his energy resources.

Its classic good cop / bad cop with Obama positioning himself as the good cop who is trying to restrain an impetuous Israel who wants to attack Iran. Things got a little too dicey last week, with the Mossad assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist, so Obama cancelled the joint war games with Israel ~ particularly since Israel still refuses to agree not to launch preemptive action against Iran without U.S. approval.

Here’s an insightful update from Real news with Paul Jay and investigative reporter Gareth Porter 14 minute Video ......read more


#IRAN: The West Underestimates Moral Strength Of Iran - At It's Own Peril

by Allen L Roland

The west underestimates the true moral strength of Iran at its own peril for Iran’s character and ancient Persian roots will not cave in to demonization, fear and sanctions and are far more likely to follow the words of their greatest poet, Rumi ~ Everyone is so afraid of death, but the real Sufis just laugh: nothing tyrannizes their hearts. What strikes the oyster shell does not damage the pearl.

The more I interact with Iranians, especially in my capacity as an online columnist and frequent interviews with Press TV, ~ the more I realize how resilient Iranians are and unafraid of an obvious policy of forced Regime Change by the West in their quest for oil and natural gas to fuel their on going imperialistic agenda and war machine....read more


#IRAN : Will American Troops Be 'Fighting For Our Freedom' In Iran ?

by Bob Johnson

israeli infected US flag
Israeli infected U.S. flag

The first rule of philosophy is to see things as they REALLYare, not merely as they are presented. If we follow this rule we must recognize that despite what the politicians and media are saying, American troops are not really fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan or in Iraq. And if Israel gets its way and goads U.S. political whores into yet another war for Israel, this time in Iran, the politicians and media will again make the very false claim that the troops involved are “fighting for our freedom.”

When we look at the war in Iraq we see it had nothing to do with American interests. Iraq was not a threat in any way to the United States. Al Qaeda was not present in Iraq until after American politicians started the war. Unlike Israel, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

In fact, the war in Iraq was detrimental to American interests by the loss of thousands of American lives, the wounding of thousands of American troops and the financial cost of close to a TRILLION tax-payer dollars. The real reason for the war in Iraq was NOT to protect America’s freedoms, it was to protect the Jewish state of Israel. Love of Israel is one of the reasons neoconservative warmonger and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was the first to promote a war on Iraq to George W. Bush.

Israel and its neoconservative agents in the U.S. pressured its U.S. politicians and kosher plutocrats into starting the war in Iraq. Now they are doing the same regarding a new unnecessary war with Iran....read more


#Syria : #Russia Accuses The West Of Forcing Regime Change In Syria

Russian politicians voiced strong support today for the Kremlin's
action to shield Syrian president Bashar Assad's regime from
international sanctions over its crackdown on an 11-month old uprising.

Politicians in the lower house of parliament debated a statement on the situation in Syria that warned against foreign military intervention and accused the West and the Arab nations of trying to change the regime in Syria.

Alexei Pushkov, the head of the State Duma's foreign affairs committee, said Russia strongly opposes another "operation to promote democracy".
"We are against using humanitarian reasons to change the regime," Mr Pushkov said before the session.

Russia and China used their veto power at the UN Security Council to block a resolution urging Assad to step down. The move came even as the Syrian government forces intensified their crackdown and drew strong international condemnation.

Russia has vowed not to allow a replay of Libyan strategy, where foreign military airstrikes backed by a UN resolution helped oust the long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi. Moscow had abstained from a UN vote that cleared the way for the military intervention.

Russia has warned that it would block any UN resolution on Syria that leaves open a possibility of foreign military intervention.

"We must not allow a regime change there initiated by other countries," said Maxim Rokhmistrov, a senior member of the ultra-nationalist Liberal-Democratic Party. "Russia must preserve its presence and influence in the Middle East."

Russia has continued to ship weapons to Syria, its last remaining ally in the region, even as Assad unleashed his crackdown on protesters that has killed thousands of people since the uprising began in March.

Moscow has maintained close ties with Damascus since the Cold War, when it was led by the current leader's father, Hafez Assad.


#Syria :#Slaughter - Usual Suspects Washington, London and Paris Behind regime Change - Arab league monitors find slaughter in Syria the work of foreign-backed subversives

A report by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) based on a one month inquiry by 160 monitors failed, as Pepe Romero reports in the Asia Times, to conclude that:
... the "evil" Bashar al-Assad government is indiscriminately, and unilaterally, killing its own people, and so regime change is in order.

So the report was either ignored (by Western corporate media) or mercilessly destroyed - by Arab media, virtually all of it financed by either the House of Saud or Qatar. It was not even discussed - because it was prevented by the GCC from being translated from Arabic into English and published in the Arab League's website.

Until it was leaked.
Here it is, in full....read more


WIKILEAKS LEAKED DOCUMENT : London and U.S. Backed Opposition

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#Syria : CIA Caught Once Again Funding Their 'Database' In Syria

Lebanon’s security officials say a suspicious cargo containing huge amounts of US dollars, guns, special passports and credit cards have been seized upon arrival in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, from the US and Brazil.

The items, packed in a number of chests and delivered via airmail, were discovered at Beirut’s airport, the Lebanese security officials said.

The chests also contained a list of both well-known and ordinary Lebanese citizens including a figure related to Salafi extremist groups. The security officials have summoned a number of the individuals, whose names were on the list, arresting some of them.

Beirut has redoubled security surveillance across the country following remarks by some Lebanese factions as well as widespread rumors about the presence of al-Qaeda in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese defense minister earlier confirmed that members of the al-Qaeda terrorist group, fighting against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, have entered Syria through Lebanon.

Over the past few months, reports have circulated that caches of weapons have been smuggled to armed gangs in Syria through the Lebanese border.


#IRAN : #Gould #Werritty - The Dodgy Diaries And Deleted Documents


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has finally, this evening, released the Gould/Werritty diary entries under the Freedom of Information Act. The three links above are the diary entries for their meetings on 8 September 2009, 27 September 2010 and 6 February 2011. You may have to click a few times to get the full size image. The lines across the page usually run right across the main right centre column. The entire column, with all the details on the Adam Werritty meeting, has been redacted – literally cut out.

The same is true of all eight of the diary pages I have been sent for Gould’s meetings with Adam Werritty – all information has simply been censored. We can only speculate what is there, who else was present and the subject of the meetings.

If anyone doubts there is a cover-up of massive proportions on what Werritty was actually doing, doubt no more....read more


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#Iran : #America Threatens Iran With Catastrophe If They Refuse To Bow To Their Domination !


More pointless, politics-driven economic warfare is on the way. At the prompting of United Against A Nuclear Iran, a neocon front group whose board members have already urged "military action" against Iran, the Senate Banking Committee recently approved a new round of sanctions that would force the "Swift" telecommunications industry to expel Iranian banks. The New York Times noted that the Swift sanctions "would be financially catastrophic for Iran if carried out fully, according to proponents and sanctions experts."

One Democratic congressional aide who supports the Swift sanctions touted the Senate legislation as a collective strangulation of the Iranian population, remarking to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, "every time that a new sanctions bill is passed, the noose gets tighter around the neck of the Iranian economy."

A co-sponsor of the Swift sanctions, Republican Senator Mark Kirk, has been the largest single recipient of AIPAC-related donations in Congress. Kirk's desire to collectively punish the Iranian people for anything their government might or might not have done is unconcealed. In an October 2011 appearance on a Chicago-area radio show, Kirk spent his time harumphing over a transparently trumped up Iranian government terror plot. But the host interrupted the senator with an important question: "Are you really going after the government of the country, or are you taking food out of the mouths of the citizens?‘"

Kirk's reply neatly encapsulated the sadistic consensus in Washington: "It’s okay to take the food out of the mouths of the citizens from a government that’s plotting an attack directly on American soil."


#Iran : #America FUNDS Iran Nuclear Program -CNN News report.mp4 - America Is A Prostitute With The Morals Of An Alley Cat

The Invention Of Terrorism by Craig Murray


I was awoken just before 8am this morning by LBC asking me to contribute to the Nick Ferrari show. I had time to brush my teeth and then I was on. I greatly dislike these formats that give you a minute to express a view, and I frequently turn down LBC requests. However they generally contact you the night before, and the poor researcher sounded desparate to find anyone who would defend the release of Ibn Qatada.

I made a couple of points. A Tory MP whose name I did not catch referred as always to unelected judges in Strasbourg. This is a standard Tory catchphrase and rather ignores the fact that all our judges are unelected. But I also pointed out that Qatada has not been convicted of anything in this country and that if, as Nick Ferrari was claiming, he had been calling in this country for the killing of Jews, that would be an offence for which he could rightly be tried and jailed. Because the tabloids say something doesn’t make it true. In the six years he had been held in jail, the state had found no evidence against him that would stand the scrutiny of a court....read more


#Lybia : Deep Black Lies - The Murder Of Yvonne Fletcher

#Syria : Video -Tariq Ali On Why Western Intervention In Syria Would Be A Disaster

#Israel #Syria : #Obama US #Terrorist Praised Israel For Destroying Syrian Nuclear Reactor In 2007

Israel destroyed a Syrian nuclear reactor in an air raid just weeks before it went online in 2007, said a US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks and published on Friday in an Israeli daily.

“On September 6, 2007, Israel destroyed the nuclear reactor built by Syria secretly, apparently with North Korea’s help,” then US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice wrote in the cable published in Yediot Aharonot newspaper.
“Our intelligence experts are convinced that the attack targeted by the Israelis is in fact an atomic reactor of the same type built by North Korea in Yongbyon,” she wrote in the message dated April 2008.

“We have good reason to believe that the reactor was not built for peaceful purposes,” she said, adding the attack came only weeks before the reactor was to become operational.

Rice also noted the secrecy surrounding the construction of the nuclear facility, with the Syrian authorities refusing to invite the International Atomic Energy Agency or any media to inspect the site.

Syria has always denied that the structure targeted by Israeli warplanes was a nuclear reactor, although it has admitted it was a “military site under construction.”

Israel has for its part never denied that its air force attacked a target in Syria, without ever officially claiming responsibility for the action.

Former US president George W Bush recounted in his memoirs that he resisted Israeli pressure to bomb the site.

In 2008, current US President Barack Obama said when he was a Democratic hopeful for the White House that Israel was right to bomb the suspected nuclear facility in Syria.



#Syria #Wikileaks :#London AND U.S Backed Syrian Opposition Group

The State Department has secretly financed Syrian political opposition groups and related projects, including a satellite TV channel that beams anti-government programming into the country, according to previously undisclosed diplomatic cables.

The London-based satellite channel, Barada TV, began broadcasting in April 2009 but has ramped up operations to cover the mass protests in Syria as part of a long-standing campaign to overthrow the country’s autocratic leader, Bashar al-Assad. Human rights groups say scores of people have been killed by Assad’s security forces since the demonstrations began March 18; Syria has blamed the violence on “armed gangs.”


#Nigeria :Video - Child Lead Poisoning Crisis

 Thousands of children in northern Nigeria need immediate medical treatment and dozens of villages remain contaminated two years into the worst lead poisoning epidemic in modern history, Human Rights Watch said today while releasing a video on the issue. Four hundred children have died, according to official estimates, yet environmental cleanup efforts have not even begun in numerous affected villages.

Artisanal gold mines are found throughout Zamfara State in northwestern Nigeria, and high levels of lead in the earth and the use of rudimentary mining methods have resulted in an epidemic of lead poisoning among children, Human Rights Watch said. Research by Human Rights Watch in Zamfara in late 2011 found that children are exposed to this lead dust when they process ore in the mines, when their miner relatives return home covered with lead dust, and when the lead-filled ore is manually or mechanically crushed at home. Children can also be exposed to toxic lead in contaminated water and food. Healthcare workers in Zamfara State told Human Rights Watch that there have also been high rates of infertility and miscarriage among affected adults.

“Zamfara’s gold brought hope for prosperity, but resulted in death and backbreaking labor for its children,” said Babatunde Olugboji, deputy program director at Human Rights Watch. “People living in Zamfara State should not have to trade their lives, or their children’s lives, for the chance to mine gold and make a living.”..read more

#Africa :African #Sahel Facing Slide Into Oblivion

African Sahel Facing Slide Into Oblivion

Thanks to the “help”  of the US and NATO, and their Islamist proxy butchers of Libya, the African Sahel is now potentially facing a “slide into hell”. Libya is, of course, facing its own disharmony, but its Sahelian neighbors are facing a host of problems too. Like Qaddafi was, many of the countries of the Sahel are fighting their own Al-Qaeda/Islamist elements as well. And many of the governments of this region have suggested that the Libyan disarray/chaos handed Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb — a golden opportunity — to obtain looted arms, guns and a variety of other deadly munitions too...read more


#Syria : #Breaking #Propaganda - 'Free Syrian Army' Loses ALL Credability As They Resort To Igniting Used Tyres To Create Thick Black Smoke Feigning An Attack

 More to follow...


#Syria #Assad :Video - Agrees Talks With Opposition Leaders

Syria’s President Assad has agreed to talks with the opposition, will follow Arab League’s roadmap increasing the number of observers in the country, including the most hostile areas in Syria.

This follows talks with the Russian delegation headed by Foregin Minister Sergey Lavrov, who arrived in Damascus on Tuesday.

As RT’s Egor Piskunov reports from the meeting in Damascus, Russia will mediate talks between Assad’s government and the opposition.

Syria is also to call a referendum to draw a new constitution. The brand new constitution will deprive the ruling political party of its monopoly. The date of the referendum will be announced shortly. ...read more


#Iran #Israel :Why Demand Nuclear Transparency from Iran and not Israel ?


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