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#Iraq: #Galloway Stands Up To The American Senate.

Congressional hearing over Iraqi oil for food program where British Parliament member George Galloway tells committee how they lied decieved ignored and failed to do their jobs before and after the war with regards to Iraq. We need a whole bunch more like him!!!

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#IRAQ: Bush And Blair War Criminals - Home Officer Continues The Cover - Up

Foreign Office fights order to disclose 'key phone call' between Bush and Blair

Conversation days before Iraq invasion believed to relate to whether France would veto UN resolution

Tony Blair meets British troops in Iraq

Tony Blair meets British soldiers in Iraq in 2006. He repeatedly blamed the French president for failure to get a second UN resolution backing an invasion. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
The Foreign Office is fighting to overturn an order to disclose the transcript of what has been described as a key conversation between Tony Blair and George Bush, days before the invasion of Iraq.

It is appealing against an order by Christopher Graham, the information commissioner, to disclose records of the conversation between the two leaders in March 2003. The appeal is being heard by the information tribunal which adjudicates on disputes over disclosure orders.

"Accountability for the decision to take military action against another country is paramount," Graham said in his ruling against the Foreign Office last September. He ordered that part of the record of the conversation between Blair and Bush relating to the invasion "from the UK perspective" be disclosed. The part recording Bush's views should remain secret, he ruled.

In a further claim at the tribunal, which opened on Wednesday, Stephen Plowden, a consultant and writer who made the initial freedom of information request, is demanding disclosure of the entire record of the conversation.

It is believed the call relates specifically to United Nations resolutions on Iraq and a TV interview given by Jacques Chirac, then French president, on 10 March 2003. At the time, Blair repeatedly blamed the French president for the failure to get a second UN security council resolution backing an invasion of Iraq.

Jack Straw, foreign secretary at the time, claimed in evidence to the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war that Chirac made it clear France would not back a fresh UN resolution "whatever the circumstances". Straw added: "I don't think there was any ambiguity."

The issue is important because the Blair government claimed Chirac's interview killed off all hope of a diplomatic solution. Straw claimed: "This was the great Chiracian pronouncement. Whatever the circumstances, he says, la France will veto."

Straw's claims were contradicted by Sir John Holmes, then UK ambassador to France. He told Chilcot that Chirac's words were "clearly ambiguous". One interpretation, Holmes said, was that Chirac was simply warning that France would veto a fresh UN resolution at that time as UN weapons inspectors had not been given a proper chance to do their job.

Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, Chirac's chief foreign policy adviser and later French ambassador to Britain, has also said Chirac's comments were misinterpreted by Blair.

He said France opposed a second UN resolution at the time because it could have triggered a war, which would have amounted to "unacceptable automaticity".

Angus Lapsley, an FCO official responsible for US-UK relations, told the information tribunal on Wednesday that the contents of conversations between a British prime minister and American president were of "exceptional sensitivity". Questioned by Robin Hopkins, counsel for the information commissioner, Lapsley said the release of the information would lead to "quite serious harm" and could affect US attitudes towards sharing information with the UK.

The information commissioner has described the material he says should be disclosed as records of a "key conversation between Mr Blair and President Bush with regard to a foreign policy decision of almost unparalleled magnitude".

James Eadie QC, for the FCO, said that claims that parliament was misled were inadmissible as evidence in law.The hearing under the tribunal judge, Professor John Angel, sitting with two lay assessors, continues.

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#Iraq : American Hatred In #California - Iraqi Women Beaten To Death In Hate Crime

#Afghanistan :Yank #Massacre - Victims Bought Off - Afghan massacre families given compensation $46,000 per slaughter !

Afghan families who lost relatives in the Kandahar massacre have been paid compensation by the US military.

They received $46,000 (£29,000) for each person killed and $10,000 (£6,300) for each person injured, Afghan officials and tribal elders said.

US staff sergeant Robert Bales was charged on Friday with 17 counts of premeditated murder.

Meanwhile, eight Afghan police officers and an Isaf foreign soldier have been killed by a bomb in Kandahar province.

They were on patrol when they were hit by an improvised explosive device late on Saturday, officials said.

"Four Afghan local police and three national police, one Isaf soldier and one Afghan interpreter were killed," Shah Mohammad, administrator for Arghandab district, said.
'No confession' over massacre

Family members were informed of the payouts at a meeting with personnel from the US military and the Nato-led ISAF forces at the offices of Kandahar's governor.

"We were invited by the foreign and Afghan officials in Panjwai yesterday and they said this money is an assistance from [US President] Obama," Haji Jan Agha, who said he lost his cousins, told Reuters on Sunday. more


#Afghanistan : #Nazi American Massacre - Lie Follows Lie To Protect A YANK !

Robert Bales comes straight from the central casting book of stooges. Brains addled and cooked by three duty tours in Afghanistan, high as a kite on drugs, up to his neck in debt and fraud, serial groper, everything it seems but daylight bank robbery.
What is he doing, one ventures to ask, in the US army dedicated to bring peace and enlightenment to the primitive peoples of Afghanistan, trapped in their Islamic darkness?
The answer is nothing. Bales is a victim, like the seventeen people, including children, sprayed with bullets one dark night in the Kandahar snake pit on the specious grounds they had something to do with a roadside bomb that earlier injured seven US soldiers.

The truth that dare not speak its name is Nazi-style retaliatory genocide.

During WWII, Germans troops repeatedly committed gross violations of the Geneva Conventions by inflicting collective punishment on civilians wherever and whenever partisans and similar forces attacked the invaders.

Granted it does not compare in scale with the Mai Lai affair of March 1968, in which US troops inflamed by Viet Cong attacks massacred between 400 and 500 villagers in a single crazed shooting spree.

In that case, most were high on barbituates, frightened stiff and wanted to go home. They hated the war and they came to hate too the very people they had been sent to supposedly protect.

This is exactly the same playbook which has just been repeated in the villages of Balandi and Alkozai, situated to the world in unknown subsistence territory deep in the Panjwai district of Kandahar.

There is nothing in this remote dustbowl that is in any way worth fighting over. Yet, the US erected a massive fortified camp right by those two communities who would bury their dead and loved ones without understanding why they were killed.

That is a terrible epitaph in itself. But this is the real face of the grotesque and useless war that the United States and its supplicant NATO coalition has inflicted on Afghanistan.
Let us dispose of Robert Bales, 38, married, father of two children, decorated on previous tours, as the maddened nutcase who went on a freelance shooting spree because he fuelled up on too much hooch on a supposedly ‘dry’ base.

Numerous witnesses – who will be regarded as sub-humans because they are Muslims and therefore do not go to church on Sundays – have described around fifteen to twenty American soldiers on a drunken rampage. One of them thoughtfully brought along a drum of gasoline to barbecue the remains of the people they knew that they were going to kill.
I mention this small detail because it speaks of forethought and at the very least, a considerable degree of planning and intent to commit a massacre.

Kandahar is not the kind of place where you step out for a stroll after supper. Any ‘NATO’ soldier who fancies stretching his legs outside the fortified encampment is taking a chance with his life.

So we are asked to believe that the camp guards calmly let Bales and his companions walk out without as much as “hey where the f*** do you think you are going?”

My contention is simple: Bales and his companions left Camp Belamby not, as now proclaimed, on some last minute winsome high-octane fuelled vengeance but a dedicated and clear intention to murder innocent people that was known and condoned by the ruling top brass in the camp.

Many accounts are now circulating on the Internet (and even a few hints surfacing in the mainstream media) that Camp Belamby suffers from what is known in the corporate world as ‘management problems.’

After ten years of fruitlessly trying to wear down the local invisible enemy, nerves wear out and it is no surprise that even the tough guys at the top start to see peculiar visions distilled in the bottom of the nightly whisky glass.

The US-led invaders have now committed so many horrors in this land of coke and ancient men walking around in white nightshirts with the aid of walking sticks that it can be readily understood that the board of directors at Camp Belamby collectively decided it was time to teach the locals a damned good lesson.

Apocalypse more

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But despite CCTV footage of the riot, Jerusalem police told Haaretz that no....

#US #IRAQ: Butchering Arab Shia - Iraq After Saddam Such A Better Place To Live Thanks To American Invasion And Rape Of Women And Children !


Iraqi man beheaded with gunfire at an American checkpoint
Iraqi man beheaded with gunfire at an American checkpoint.
American Soldier showing a severed Iraqi arm hung in a mosque to terrorise the Iraqi resistance.
American Soldier showing a severed Iraqi arm hung in a mosque to terrorise the Iraqi resistance.
Falluja white phosphorus female victim
Fallujah white phosphorus chemical weapon victims
Falluja white phosphorus victim
Iraq skeletonburned Iraqi baby
Iraq beheading
Both Americans and Iraqis do beheadings using bombs.
Iraqi boy with one eye
Iraq beheading
missing face
Dead American soldier with face blown off.

#Iraq : #Psychopath #Rumsfeld - NWO Stooge To Be Sued Over Alleged Torture

A judge is allowing an army veteran who says he was imprisoned unjustly and tortured by the US military in Iraq to sue the former defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld personally for damages.
The veteran's identity is withheld in court filings, but he worked for an American contracting company as a translator for the Marines in the volatile Anbar province before being detained for nine months at Camp Cropper, a US military facility near Baghdad airport dedicated to holding "high-value" detainees.

The government says he was suspected of helping get classified information to the enemy and helping anti-coalition forces enter Iraq. But he was never charged with a crime and says he never broke the law.

Lawyers for the man, who is in his 50s, say he was preparing to come home to the US on leave when he was abducted by the military and held without justification while his family knew nothing about his whereabouts or even whether he was still alive.

Court papers filed on his behalf say he was repeatedly abused, then suddenly released without explanation in August 2006. Two years later, he filed a suit in the US District Court in Washington arguing that Mr Rumsfeld personally approved torturous interrogation techniques on a case-by-case basis and controlled his detention without access to courts in violation of his constitutional rights.

He says he always denied any wrongdoing.

#Syria :#Twitter Activists Who Work For The WEST To Spread Propaganda

#Syria :#French #Propaganda -Alain Juppé accused of ignoring French embassy reports & falsifying summaries of them to provoke war agst Syria.

On 19 March 2012, a high French official invited Arab journalists based in Paris to inform them of the internal battle being waged within the French government and, in particular, the Quai d’Orsay [the French Foreign Ministry] regarding Syria. According to this person, the French Ambassador in Damascus, Eric Chevallier, whose embassy had just been shut down and who had returned to Paris, challenged Minister Juppé in front of his colleagues. He accused Alain Juppé of having ignored his embassy reports and of having falsified summaries of them to provoke a war against Syria.

In March 2011, at the beginning of the events currently besetting Syria, the Foreign Ministry hurriedly dispatched fact finders to Deraa to appraise what was happening. Their report, submitted to Paris, indicated that tensions had dissipated following several demonstrations, information that contradicted Al-Jazeera and France 24 reports that the city of Deraa was being violently torn apart. The ambassador requested the mission be extended in order to follow developing events. The Foreign Minister, furious about the first report, telephoned him and demanded that he alter it to state that a bloody repression of the city was occurring. The Ambassador then arranged a teleconference between the Chief of Mission in Deraa and the Minister and had him repeat that no such repression had occurred. The minister then threatened the ambassador and the conversation ended icily.

Immediately afterwards, Alain Juppé’s cabinet pressured Agence France Press to publish cables aligned with the view of the Minister. During the months that followed, altercations between Ambassador Eric Chevallier and Alain Juppé continued to multiply, until the moment of the Iranian hostage crisis in January 2012 and the death of "journalist" Gilles Jacquier. At this moment, the Ambassador was ordered to pull the covert DGSE agents working under press cover out of Syria, at which point he realized the importance of the secret operation being carried out by Alain Juppé. [1]

As former Minister of Defense, Alain Juppé appears to have maintained tight friendships within the armed services and to be able to rely on agents loyal to him.

The same source affirms that the ambassadorial reports were either ignored or falsified which led the ambassador himself to shore up his position by having forwarded to the Foreign Ministry equivalent European diplomatic reports attesting that Syria was not in the throes of a cycle of protest and crackdown but was rather being destabilized by armed groups coming from outside the country. On his arrival back in Paris, Ambassador Chevallier allegedly requested an internal administrative inquiry to confound his own Minister.

These revelations led to still others. Another high official revealed that Alain Juppé was not only in conflict with his administration but also with his colleagues at both the Defense and Interior Ministries. Their respective ministers, Claude Guéant and Gérard Longuet had not only negotiated the exfiltration of the French intelligence agents present in the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr with General Assef Chawkrit, as previously reported by Voltaire Network [2], but had also arranged the release of three French commandos detained by Syria. [3]

On Sunday, 18 March, the pro-Syrian daily Ad-Diyar, edited in Beirut, confirmed that three French prisoners had been released to Admiral Edouard Guillaud, Chief of Staff of the Military of France (CEMA), during a trip to Lebanon supposedly undertaken as the French contingent of the U.N. Interim Force for Lebanon was being reorganized. According to a high-ranking Syrian source, the Admiral had in exchange personally overseen the complete dismantling of the French military’s rear operating base in Lebanon.

The conflict between Ambassador Chevallier and Minister Juppé had been simmering for a long time. On 4 April 2011, the online journal Rue 89 published an article attributed to an anonymous Franco-Syrian author. [4] It reported that the Ambassador "had become a mouthpiece of the regime, asserting that the revolts of Daraa and Lattaquie were fomented by foreign forces and that the media were lying about reality." Ten days later, George Balbrunot on his blog at Le Figaro followed suit, claiming that the Ambassador had been "completely Bashirized". [5] Finally, on 5 May, France 24, a station owned by the French Government and under Alain Juppé’s supervision, accused the Ambassador of "minimizing the revolt." [6]

The conflict between Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Admiral Edouard Guillaud and Alain Juppé has also been in the public eye for a long time. The Admiral did not appreciate that Alain Juppé, while Minister of Defense, had planned in advance the overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi. With veiled support of his new Defense Minister Gérard Longuet, he publicly manifested his disagreement when commanded to mobilize French troops against Libya.
In addition, relations between Guéant and Juppé are notoriously bad. In one of his usual displays of arrogance, Alain Juppé stipulated as a condition of his entering the Fillon government that Claude Guéant leave the General Secretariat of the Élysée because he didn’t want to speak to him. After the agreement reached by Washington, London and Moscow to calm the situation in Syria, Alain Juppé can still count on the support of Ankara, Riyad and Doha along with that of the mainstream media. He now finds himself isolated in France and deprived of the means to enact his policies, unless of course President Sarkozy starts pushing for war to boost the poll numbers for Sarkozy the candidate.

. Ref:

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#Leveson #Afghanistan #RachelReid - Is #Murdoch Behind #MOD Has Dragged Me Through The Mud Smear Campaign ? Who Can Doubt It Knowing The Warmonger !

Yesterday it emerged that a senior British army officer, Colonel Owen McNally, had been arrested under the Official Secrets Act for allegedly passing classified information to a human rights worker in Afghanistan. Unnamed sources suggested he had become "close" to the campaigner Rachel Reid. Here, for the first time, she responds to what she says is a "vicious slur"

According to news reports, Colonel Owen McNally has been flown back to Britain, where he will reportedly be interviewed by military police. The Ministry of Defence has told media that I was the recipient of these secrets as a researcher for Human Rights Watch.

Whatever the MoD has whispered into the ear of the Sun, Col McNally and I met only twice, both times in a purely professional capacity, both times at the Nato military HQ in Kabul.

Both times we met to talk about civilian casualties from US and Nato air strikes.

What has happened in the last couple of days has been bewildering.

 I do not understand how these two meetings might have led the British government to accuse McNally of a serious crime that could lead to a hefty jail sentence, and why my government might want to see my reputation dragged through the mud, when I live in a country where a woman's reputation can mean her life.

The meetings seemed unexceptional. A QC retained by Human Rights Watch has confirmed that the kind of information I received is not covered by the Official Secrets Act.

If the ministry had been seriously concerned that one of their officers was leaking information, why leak it to the media?

Why was my name released to the media by the MoD, with a (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) libel that our relationship was "close"? They would know exactly what impression they were creating, and presumably decided that my reputation was expendable in order to ensure coverage of their "story".

Why did journalists from the Sun, the Times and the Mail write this as a story focusing on the MoD's entirely bogus suggestion that I had some kind of "relationship" with McNally?

Why is it that my photograph was published?

Why have journalists not been asking questions about why the MoD has been encouraging them to publish a vicious, false slur about me in order stop me from doing my job for Human Rights Watch in asking for information from the Nato official in charge of monitoring civilian casualties?

Living in Afghanistan, where democracy, a free media, freedom of information and freedom of expression are still a faraway dream, I have developed a deep appreciation of the freedoms I grew up believing I had in Britain.

I expect better from my own government and from the British media that I used to be a part of.

I am proud of the work I do in Afghanistan.

I care deeply about civilian casualties, as should the Ministry of Defence.

This is what they should be focusing their energies on, not impugning the reputation of a human rights worker or charging one of their officers for trying to explain to me the precautions that international military forces were taking to avoid killing Afghans.

I talk to Afghans in the south and east of the country where the conflict rages.

They tend not to begin with the horrors of the Taliban and other insurgents.

What they want me to hear first are their stories about the women and children bombed at a wedding party, the Qu'ran that was ripped up by foreign soldiers in a night raid, or the family shot dead in their car because they didn't understand orders in English to stop at a checkpoint.

 They are outraged and bewildered by the killings, in particular the air strikes.

By UN estimates, more than 500 civilians were killed in air strikes in Afghanistan last year.

The insurgents may have killed more than 1,000, but Afghans expect little from the Taliban.

The worst civilian casualty incident of last year took place in Azizabad, in a district called Shindand in the west of Afghanistan.

In August 2008 the US launched a "kill/capture" operation, targeting a mid-ranking Taliban commander. The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission says that at least 76 civilians were killed, 59 of whom were children. The UN put the civilian death toll above 90.

Among the many photographs of the dead, one in particular has always stuck in my mind.

It is of a young girl who looks as though she could be sleeping.

But beneath the long lashes of her closed eyes is a line of shrapnel wounds. She was five years old, and she was called Kubra. And in that photograph you can glimpse how the last moments of Kubra's life must have passed.

The US military, whose forces carried out the air strike, was cold and dismissive about the reports of civilian dead.

Initially they denied any casualties, later admitting five to seven civilian deaths.

It was only weeks later, after video evidence emerged that they were forced to investigate again and revised the civilian death toll up to 33.

Whatever the final figure, the death toll from this incident was shocking.

The subsequent military denials compounded the fury that Afghans already felt about these deaths.

In a letter to US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates on January 15, Human Rights Watch sharply criticised the Pentagon investigation. I don't know what the McNally case is really about. If I had to guess I would say senior US and UK defence officials are angry about our forensic dissection of the Pentagon's investigation, which exposed reassurances about US and Nato commitments to avoid further civilian casualties as at least partially hollow.

If the military would hold its people to account for these terrible mistakes then human rights organisations would leave them alone.

In the meantime, they should remember that this has nothing to do with individuals like me, and everything to do with little girls like Kubra.

Rachel Reid is Afghanistan researcher at Human Rights Watch

#Syria's First Lady - More Educated Than ANYONE In The American OR British Goverment!

#Afghanistan - #Obama Warmonger : #Marine Charged For Criticizing Warmonger On Facebook !

You just could'nt make it up ....

On Wednesday Marine Sgt. Gary Stein was notified by the Marine Corps that he was in violation of the Pentagon’s policy for blatantly condemning President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

Stein’s actions could now lead to his dismissal and a possible downgrade in ranking.

The Marine who is based in Camp Pendleton, California, created a Facebook page called “Armed Forces Tea Party,” which currently has approximately 19,000 likes and has photos showcasing slogans such as “NObama” and “One Nation, under Obama, with poverty and unemployment for all,” has been under the microscope since 2010.

Stein was first warned by his superiors two years ago after he launched the social media page on Facebook critiquing Obama care. Stein offered to remove the page while he revised the rules at the bidding of his superiors.

According to Stein, after the revision of the rules he determined he was not in violation.

Earlier this month the Marine Corps released a statement alleging Stein's commanding officer ordered a preliminary inquiry of the social media page after hearing allegations that Stein posted controversial political statements about the Commander in Chief on Facebook.

The remarks made by the sergeant were in reference to an online debate regarding NATO permitting US troops to be put on trial for burning copies of the Quran in Afghanistan.

The statement that got the Marine into this predicament was he claimed he would not follow orders from the president if the orders meant he had to detain US citizens, disarming them or doing anything that would violate their constitutional more


#Afghanistan : American #Massacre #Taliban Vows Revenge For Afghan Killings

#Afghanistan : #Kandahar Massacre - 20 Yanks Involved in Killings !

#Afghanistan :#Massacre #Bales Should Be Put Against A Wall And Shot - He Is An Animal !

#Afghanistan: American Massacre - Afghan Dad Speaks Out As 'Obama's Murdering Regime' Covers For Yet Another Yank Murdering Animal

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#Syria #Assad : The WEST Plan How To Attack !

#Afghanistan :#Censored - Another British Media Blackout As Karimovs Cash In !


UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond’s visit to Tashkent on 28 February was not covered in any UK mainstream media that I can find, which is peculiar, given the media’s obsession with covering anything to do with “Our heroes” in Afghanistan. It was not really the kind of visit the state would want to publciise, with Hammond in the rather unheroic position of having his knees firmly placed on the acres of marble floor of Tashkent’s presidentiail palace, with his tongue well and truly stuck up Karimov’s arse.

NATO, including the UK, needs to transit Uzbekistan to get its 14,000 vehicles out of Afghanistan, having well and truly queered the pitch of an exit through Pakistan by a decade of bombing the locals. The Karimov family had already made hundreds of millions in profit through a monopoly of providing haulage and logistical services to supplies going in to Afghanistan. With NATO’s demoralised forces sitting on an incredibly large stockpile of materiel in effect stuck in the country as the utterly fruitless occupation ends, the Karimovs are in a position to ramp up extortion. more

#IRAN : #Russia Warns #Israel AND The West NOT To Attack Iran

According to a report from Agence France-Press, Lavrov suggested that if Iran were indeed attacked she would have no recourse but to seek to build atomic weapons to prevent future military strikes.
"The CIA and other U.S. officials admit they now have no information about the Iranian leadership taking the political decision to produce nuclear weapons," Lavrov told Moscow's Kommersant FM radio on more


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#Africa #Iran : US and Iran in Hormuz - African Implications March 19, 2012


#Syria #Russia : Shoulder To Shoulder Against The Murdering West - Yes Or No - There Appears To Be Confusion!

Russia, one of President Bashar al-Assad's strongest allies despite international condemnation of the government's violent crackdown on the country's uprising, has repeatedly blocked the United Nations Security Council's attempts to halt the violence, accusing the U.S. and its allies of trying to start another war.

Now the Russian Black Sea fleet's Iman tanker has arrived in the Syrian port of Tartus on the Mediterranean Sea with an anti-terror squad from the Russian Marines aboard according to the Interfax news agency. The Assad government has insisted it is fighting a terrorist insurgency.

The Iman replaced another Russian ship "which had been sent to Syria for demonstrating (sic) the Russian presence in the turbulent region and possible evacuation of Russian citizens," the Black Sea Fleet told more

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#Syria: #Rebels Paid For By The West !

Latest terrorist attack in Damascus illustrates illegitimacy of both Syria's rebels & the UN/NATO backing them.
by Tony Cartalucci

March 18, 2012 - A twin terrorist bombing in the Syrian capital of Damascus, allegedly targeting government buildings, ripped through a Christian neighborhood killing an estimated 27, mostly civilians. A third bomb exploded, killing only the driver of the car it was placed in, in what was apparently an attempted triple suicide bombing.
CBS News reports (1) that after other similar attacks, U.S. officials suggest Al Qaeda terrorists "may be" amongst the Syrian rebels. However, while the West attempts to portray this as an unexpected development, we shall see that it not only was likely, but in fact the premeditated modus operandi of Western-backed destabilization efforts directed at upturning not only Syria, but the entire Arab more

#Afghanistan #Kandahar Blood Bath - Up To 20 US Troops Behind Kandahar Blood Bath - Afghan Probe -

An Afghan parliamentary investigation team has implicated up to 20 US troops in the massacre of 16 civilians in Kandahar early on Sunday morning. It contradicts NATO's account that insists one rogue soldier was behind the slaughter.

The team of Afghan lawmakers has spent two days collating reports from witnesses, survivors and inhabitants of the villages where the tragedy took place.

“We are convinced that one soldier cannot kill so many people in two villages within one hour at the same time, and the 16 civilians, most of them children and women, have been killed by the two groups,” investigator Hamizai Lali told Afghan News.

Lali also said their investigations led them to believe 15 to 20 US soldiers had been involved in the killings. He appealed to the international community to ensure that the responsible parties were brought to justice, stressing the Afghan parliament would not rest until the killers were prosecuted.

"If the international community does not play its role in punishing the perpetrators, the Wolesi Jirga [parliament] would declare foreign troops as occupying forces,” he said.
The head of the Afghan parliamentary investigation, Sayed Ishaq Gillani, told the BBC that witnesses report seeing helicopters dropping chaff during the attack, a measure used to hide targets from ground attack.



#Syria : #England #NHS - Armed Police And Media Blackout

Yesterday, March 17th 2012,  people of Syria marched through the streets of London telling the British people  they were being lied to by their Government...ASSAD is NOT killing his people, they also do not have a NICK CLEGG who lies to their students...If in Syria you wish to further your education and become a doctor, scientist or engineer your education is free .... they also have a wonderful FREE NHS system, the British Government do not want you to know this so they blacked out ALL news coverage  for yesterday! This information and the march came under a complete media blackout in England along with the Bristish NHS doctors demonstration some of whom may have nursed David Cameron's dying son.......The police yesterday were armed against those very same doctors and nurses with machine guns under Cameron's orders....there's more


The NHS protest in London yesterday was ‘greeted’ with heavy kettling tactics and armed police.

The ConDem regime are terrified of any form of lawful protest and the heavy-handed tactics of the ‘police’, proves this corrupt regime will resort to any desperate measure to enforce its will.
Coupled with a total media blackout, we are witnessing a dangerous new dawn of ‘relations’ between the public and the State.

The media blackout was highly likely the result of a Government DA-Notice to prevent the wider public learning of the NHS protest and more importantly the terror tactics used by the police.
Still think you live in a ‘liberal’ democracy? Yesterday should prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Britain has descended into the arms of a Police State with total control of the puppet more

#Libya: Rebel Thugs In Between Ethnic Cleansing Of Blacks Fight With Gaddafi Loyalists!

#Syria #NHS : British Media BLACKOUT - Doctors Protest.

Friday, March 16, 2012

#Afghanistan : #Karza iat 'the end of the rope' with US troops

#Afghanistan :If an Afghan murdered 9 kids in their sleep in the US would he be facing trial in Afghanistan or the US?

#Afghanistan : #Brunswick - American Killer Army Staff Sgt Robert Bales Heads Home After Slaughtering 16 People.

The Real #Afghanistan: Interview with Film-maker Leslie Knott

#Afghanistan : The American soldier who killed 16 Afghans should be put to death in Afghanistan. Not tried in the USA. What a disgusting government !

#Afghanistan #Kabul : 5 Dead In Helicopter Crash...

A HELICOPTER has crashed and burst into flames on the outskirts of the Afghan capital Kabul, killing five people, police said.

"A helicopter has crashed onto a house in Bagrami district," Kabul police chief Mohammad Ayoub Salangi said. "So far five bodies have been recovered."

He could not say immediately whether it was a military or civilian aircraft.
More to come...

#India requests info from #Iran on New Delhi terror attack

#AlQaeda The #Database!

#India :#Tapi #Obama U.S. Murder Regime Threatens India Over Iran Trade

The United State has threatened to impose sanctions against India if the South Asian country fails to reduce its purchase of crude oil from the Islamic Republic.

 Homosexual Obama The Most Pro-War President In History

“If India fails to cut Iranian imports sufficiently, Obama may be compelled to bar access to the U.S. banking system for any Indian bank processing oil payments through Iran’s central bank,” Bloomberg quoted a US official as saying, on condition of anonymity, on Thursday.

On New Year’s Eve, the United States imposed new sanctions against Iran aimed at preventing other countries from importing Iranian oil and conducting transactions with its central bank.

“Given the level of trade, and in particular oil, between Iran and India, targeting an Indian entity that facilitates Iran’s access to the international financial market should be top of mind for the US Treasury,” said Avi Jorisch, a former US Treasury Department official.

This comes as India has repeatedly insisted that it will continue to purchase crude oil from the Islamic Republic.

Indian Oil Minister Jaipal Reddy said on February 27, that New Delhi “has cordial relations with Iran and continues to import oil from them.”

In January, Iranian crude exports to India rose to 550,000 barrels a day, up 37.5 percent from December 2011.

India, the world's fourth-largest petroleum consumer, is Iran's second largest oil customer after China and purchases around USD 12 billion worth of Iranian crude every year, about 12 percent of its consumption.

Observers believe that India will press on with its plan to increase trade ties with the Islamic Republic despite fresh Western sanctions.

#Syria: The #Guardian Exposed As A Lying Propaganda War Monger!

#Afghanistan : #Obama Keeping Identity Secret of US Soldier who Killed Afghanistan Civilians Raises Suspicions as Events & Undermines Confidence in Mission.

#Afghanistan : American Animals Slaughter -They (US soldiers) gathered 11 bodies, including 4 girls younger than 6, and set them on fire YANKS OUT !

#Afghanistan : Protesters in New York rally against the war in Afghanistan and demand the withdrawal of US troops.

#Afghanistan : Murdering American who killed all of those civilians in Afghanistan is using concussions suffered in the line of duty as an excuse for his rampage

#Afghanistan :A Decade of Murdering America And It's Ravaging Of Afghanistan

#Afghanistan : Murdering #Homosexual #Obama AND His LIES !.

#Afghanistan #Karzai slams Murdering United States over massacre- YANKS Out !

#Afghanistan #Pakistan: Massacre - Not one it was more then 10 NATO Murderers involved Pakistan.Relatives held Karzai responsible....

#Afghanistan : American Occupation Of Afghanistan Must End - Protestors Line The Streets - YANKS OUT ! You Have Murdered Enough!

#Afghanistan : American Murderer Still Not Named To Protect Him !

No one will be able to pinpoint exactly what made an American staff sergeant massacre 16 Afghan civilians, but the facts surrounding the senseless killing spree will loom large in his prosecution. Last night, the unnamed solider's attorney, John Henry Browne, confirmed to CNN that his client could face the death penalty, which will mean extenuating circumstances will play a major role in court. Browne and U.S. officials have begun surfacing details about the 30-something father of two, including his mental state and the developments leading up to the massacre. Here were the cocktail of forces weighing on the solider:

Alcohol It's not something you think of as a determinant of homicidal behavior, but a U.S. official, speaking on background to Bloomberg this morning, says "the drinking, a violation of regulations governing U.S. troops in combat zones, may have been what sent [him] over the edge." It's not clear how much he had imbibed before the incident but senior American officials tell The New York Times that two other soliders drank with him on the night of the shootings who will now face "disciplniary action. The day before the rampage, The Washington Post reports that the solider saw his friend's leg blown off and many of the soliders at the base were affected by the incident. Pushing back against U.S. officials, the soldier's attorney denied alcohol use was a factor. more

#Afghanistan : #Obama Still Covering For His Murdering Soldiers - He Was Drunk Oh That's OK Then !

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#Greece #EURO : The Big FAT Greek Lie

The big fat Greek lie being spread throughout the financial community is that Greece has been saved. It’s a lie for the following reasons:

  1. Greece did in fact default
  2. Greece now has more debt than it did before the bailout (how does writing off €100 billion Euros in debt and taking on €130 billion Euros in more debt improve this situation?)
  3. The Greek economy continues to implode (youth unemployment over 50%, one in ten Greek youth looking for jobs abroad, Greek GDP fell 7% in 4Q11)
  4. This Second Bailout was indeed a “Credit event” which the markets have yet to discount (though German investors are already lining up litigation)
  5. Germany’s finance minister has already admitted Greece may need a third bailout.

Anyone who thinks that Greece is better off, let alone “saved” is out of their minds. The Euro may have been saved for a few more weeks/ months. But Greece is in worse shape than more

#Iran #Pakistan : #TAPI Isolation AND The Reason American Soldiers Are Dying !

Obama The Most Pro-War President In History

The United States strongly supports the idea of construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline. At the same time, Washington strongly opposes meeting of Pakistan’s needs in energy resources by constructing pipeline to purchase “blue fuel” from Iran, ITAR-TASS quotes U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as saying on Wednesday.

Speaking at hearings in one of the subcommittees of Appropriations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, she assured that Obama administration recognizes Islamabad’s “essential energy needs”. However, construction of a gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan, either as a separate project of Tehran, or as a joint venture of the two sides would mean a “violation of our (that is, the U.S.) legislation on sanctions” against the Islamic Republic, Clinton said.

“We all know what would be the consequences of this.

 And it would have particularly devastating effect on Pakistan, because its economy is already fragile. Additional pressure to which the United States would have been forced to resort, would undermine their (that is Pakistanis) economic situation even more,” Clinton added.

She said the U.S. “clearly” stated its position on this issue to Pakistan. “We urge Pakistan to seek alternatives (to purchasing natural gas from Iran),” Clinton added.

From her point of view, it is “a little inexplicable” why Pakistan now “tries to negotiate (with Iran) on the construction of the pipeline,” knowing that Washington is trying hard to “increase pressure” on Tehran in connection with its refusal to clarify nature of nuclear activities.

 “And there is an alternative, which we strongly support – Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India the gas pipeline.

We believe that this is a better alternative in terms of both predictability and avoid doing business with Iran,” U.S. Secretary of State said.

#Afghanistan #Russia #TAPI :Russia interest in TAPI gas pipeline project irks US

American soldiers are dying daily and they do not know why - well RUSSIA knows why and they want in.

ISLAMABAD - The proposed transnational Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India (TAPI) gas pipeline project is fast emerging as a geopolitical disquiet between the two major powers - the United States and the Russian Federation - to invest in a $7.5 billion venture.
Well-placed diplomatic sources told TheNation on Tuesday that the United States that had made significant presence in the resource-rich Central Asia during the past decade in order to tape the vast investment opportunities has been upset on Russian keenness to take over the project.

The Russian move comes ostensibly after buoyancy shown by some American and European business concerns including the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and Export-Import Bank (EIB) to invest in the 1,640 km long TAPI gas pipeline project.
The sources said that a high level Russian delegation led by the Energy Minister including senior officials from Russian giant Gazprom would soon visit Pakistan to explore investment opportunities in the mega project.

Some sources privy to these developments were also of the view that Moscow, which has expressed its willingness to invest in the project, was diplomatically engaged with Afghan government to help facilitate in securing the project. They believed that Russia was all set to deny further investment opportunities in Central Asia ostensibly in a strategic move to push the United States away from its backyard, therefore in tactical terms it wanted to grab the TAPI project.

“Security in Afghanistan and Pak-Afghan region is the main hurdle for Moscow in realising the project,” a Russian diplomat in Islamabad said in response to a query, adding that Russia was willing to invest in the energy projects including the TAPI gas pipeline project. He confirmed that a Russian delegation headed by the energy minister would tentatively visit Pakistan this year and the two countries were mutually working out dates of visit.

Last week, the US Embassy spokesman Mark Stroh described query as hypothetical when this scribe drew his attention towards media reports that the US was distressed after Russia also expressed its willingness to invest in the TAPI gas pipeline project. He conceded that the US and other international companies were keeping close eye on the progress of the project by the TAPI countries.

The TAPI gas pipeline backed by the Asian Development Bank will bring 3.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day (bcfd) from Turkmenistan’s gas fields to Multan in Central Pakistan and end in the northwestern Indian town of Fazilka. To be completed by 2013-2014, the landmark deal was signed by President Asif Ali Zardari, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Indian Petroleum Minister Murli Deora and President of the Asian Development Bank Haruhiko Kuroda in Ashgabat the capital city of Turkmenistan in 2010.

#Afghanistan : #TAPI Gaspipe Claims 12 More Lives...

Twelve people died today when a Turkish helicopter crashed into a house near the Afghan capital Kabul.

Ten of the victims were on board the aircraft and two were on the ground.

Authorities were trying to determine the nationalities of the people who were in the helicopter when it crashed. Some of the bodies were almost completely burned.

The house hit by the helicopter collapsed. Rescue workers were searching through the rubble to determine whether there were any more casualties.

Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu confirmed that a Turkish helicopter crashed near Kabul, but he did not have information about casualties.

Mr Davutoglu said the Turkish commander of the Kabul regional command has left for the area.

The aircraft went down in the Hassian Khail area of the Bagrami district of Kabul province.
It was unclear what caused the helicopter to crash.